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Take Over Installment

You can take over another persons car contract and make it your own with our help.

We understand that there is a high demand for cars from people that either want to driver under the Uber services and do not qualify for traditional finance. We have provided a solution for those  people. You can now take over someone’s car contract with a back. The personal would be currently defaulting on car payments and is about to get their vehicle repossessed by the bank. We have made it possible through our partners to unite the vehicle with our interested clients.

What must I earn?

R10,000 Gross

What is the minimum deposit?


Provinces served


Why collaborate with us?

Nonqhayi holdings has a mission of assisting drivers in reuniting with their favorite car. Take a pick of the many cars we offer.

If you have been blacklisted. Don’t worry, we can assist you. Our best in the market rent to own service provides quality vehicles that are assessed prior to hand being handed over to their owner.

  • No middlemen, agents or finder’s fees

  • Option to terminate before 54-month period is over

  • Unlimited selection of quality tested pre-owned vehicles

  • Fixed repayment

  • No mileage limit

  • Do you have a poor credit rating?

  • Are you blacklisted?

  • Can’t get finance?

  • No Problem!

Need a personalized solution?

Whether you’re looking for  vehicle finance, blacklisted and can not buy a car or need ways to make more money. We have have a solution for you.

How we can help?

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