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Purchasing a car should not be a stressful and tedious process; instead, it should be the complete opposite. This is the time where you need to be relaxed and have peace of mind about your chosen vehicle. We have make it very easy with all the options we provide you.

No deposit is required and we give you a choice of buying any vehicle from our list of available vehicles. We are able to provide finance for all types of cars, this covers; commercial vehicles, luxury cars, Fleets, and sport cars.

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Lets explore the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a vehicle using hire purchase.


  • Once all the instalments are paid over the agreed period, you will own the vehicle

  • There are no restrictions on the use of the vehicle – including unlimited mileage

  • You get lower interest rates compared to other types of vehicle finance agreements

  • There are fixed monthly instalments over a set period

  • You can choose to settle or pay off the outstanding balance of the loan before the end of the agreed period

  • Most popular way of buying a vehicle


  • The monthly instalments could be higher compared to other finance options if taken over a shorter payment period

  • The regular monthly payments are required. Should you fail to pay your instalment each month you vehicle may be repossessed

  • The bank or lender will own the vehicle until you have paid all the outstanding instalments. This means that you cannot sell the vehicle until the balance is paid in full

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Whether you’re looking for  vehicle finance, blacklisted and can not buy a car or need ways to make more money. We have have a solution for you.

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