Car Financing

Finance your dream car with us. Let us help you find your car.

  • Hire Purchase financing

  • Residual Financing

  • Linked and Fixed Rate Financing

  • Re-Financing options

Rent To Own

We are assist ordinary South Africans who are blacklisted

  • Are you Blacklisted?

  • Do you have a low credit score?

  • An Uber Driver, you need your own car?

  • No Problem!


Invest in an Uber and car hiring business

  • Invest R6,600 once off

  • Earn R1,500 monthly for a year

  • Earn R18,000 per annum

  • Profit R11,400 per year

Property Development

Invest in a property rental business and earn dividends every month

  • 10 Rental Units to be Built

  • Invest R50,000 once off

  • Rental Price R3,500 – R4,000 p/m

  • Receive your share in the profits

Trucking Business

We are looking for truck owners to join our database for trucking work.

  • We have trucking contracts

  • We are a trucking broker

  • We currently have 30 LOIs

  • Trustworthy partners

Need a personalized solution?

Whether you’re looking for  vehicle finance, blacklisted and can not buy a car or need ways to make more money. We have have a solution for you.

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